Don’t get away from it all
– get back to it all

At Crossways Farm Village you can get back to the good life. Back to farmstead living, to rural spaces, where true neighbours share a common vision, grounded in sustainable living.

As South Africa’s first contemporary new rural town, Crossways Farm Village is an opportunity to get back to being neighbourly, to live with purpose, stress-free and off-grid, while still being as connected as you choose to be.

Get back to safety, to kids being kids again, to big skies and beautiful vistas.
Get back to living.


Bordering the Garden Route and the Baviaanskloof world heritage site, Crossways Farm Village is situated 30km from Port Elizabeth next to the Van Staden’s Bridge, opening up the pristine countryside to new opportunities.

To a community living in balance with nature, where nothing is wasted, and resources are renewable. This is the new ruralism. It is living the way your grandparents did. From farm to hand. With fresh produce grown almost on your doorstep. Organic. Raw. Pure. Where the soil is cared for and the labour honest.

Consisting of 520 hectares, Crossways Farm Village is divided into three sustainable nodes of equal size. One for conservation, never to be touched or developed. One for urban agriculture and the working dairy farm. And one for sustainable living, consisting of a residential component with 732 erven including open communal spaces, sport and recreational grounds.


Back to old-school living. Where you know everyone’s name in the village. Where community cares for the wellbeing of everyone, in equal measure. Where your kids can still be kids. Connected – but to friends, instead of just the Internet. Grounded in the great outdoors.

It’s living in luxury, a farmstead in your name, with space to breathe deeply and earth beneath your feet. Be part of the new elite. Where getting back to basics doesn’t leave you wanting more. Because you’ve got it all, already.


Get back to the sun. Where every day is yours to command. Where your children can run free, discovering what bounty lays before them. From crystal pools to hiking trails to picking flowers to endless mountain biking and birdwatching. Get back to nature. Breathe in. Let go.

Leave your vitamins back in the city. Get your fill at Crossways.


Imagine not only living in harmony with nature but mirroring it through sustainable materials and architecture. Where space is placed at a premium and the bountiful outside is part and parcel of every design decision.

At Crossways Farm Village, the award-winning CMAI Architects looked at traditional farmhouse architecture, taking inspiration from shed shapes and modernising it for a new generation into something more than just a home. And more than just a homestead. It is, by definition, a farmstead.

Where the proof of concept includes long-forgotten words like shutters, overhangs, recesses, courtyards and verandahs. Where going old-school meets energy-efficiency, and sustainability sits at the very heart of every home.

Excluding no one, the erven range from 200 square meters to more than 8500 square meters, with a choice of customised homes designed for each erven. 660 of them to be exact. Nothing less. Nothing more.


From the centre to the perimeter, sustainability was a conscious decision right from the start. Not just by providing municipal services such as sewerage, water and electricity that would remove Crossways Farm Village eventually off the grid, but also for the local community.

Designed around the principles of food security, rural development, job creation, poverty alleviation and training, the developers at Crossways Farm Village have embraced the nearby Thornhill community. A community of 3000 individuals that will be an integral part of the growth projection of both. 

Setting up a community trust, Crossways Farm Village is dedicated to this cause. A vision that goes beyond the expected. A partnership set up for the long haul.




Wrapped in a blanket of invisible security, Crossways Farm Village offers you and your family a rural life underscored by state-of-the-art technology. Unobtrusive. Effective. From a perimeter fence, beams and cameras to patrolling guards and controlled access points, feel safe to wander without worry.


At Crossways Farm Village, the track record is the way forward. Consider the effort to establish a new town. The infrastructure, the planning, the zoning, the transfers and the endless administration. These are not the actions of a developer not invested. It speaks of vision, grit and knowledge.

It speaks of an immaculate track record. From the developers who brought you Thesen Islands in Knysna, your investment is good going forward.